Client Services

Contract Placement
RHINO Recruiting recruits, interviews and checks references before introducing qualified candidates to our clients. These candidates will be brought in as temporary, contracted specialists to perform specified job tasks while remaining employees of RHINO Recruiting. Contractors are paid on a bi-weekly basis and the client company is billed on a weekly basis. They have the option of joining the group insurance plans provided through RHINO Recruiting after three months of service. These plans include Medical, Dental, Vision, Life and AD&D, Disability and a 401K Plan.

Payroll Services
An increasing number of companies outsource key positions to independent contractors. This shift has blurred the tax and legal line between traditional employment positions and those that truly qualify as independent contractor positions.

In the last several years, the IRS and other auditing agencies have recognized this shift in hiring practices and have begun to closely scrutinize the relationships between independent contractors and their clients. The consequences for an employer misclassifying an employee as a contractor can be significant tax, wage and benefits liabilities, as well as massive fines that may be imposed by the auditing agency.

The consequences of a 1099 audit can have serious implications for a company since auditing agencies often reclassify 1099 workers as W2 employees. These reclassifications generate significant and unplanned payroll tax liabilities. Additionally, reclassified independent contractors have a right to receive retroactive benefits.

Reasons to payroll through RHINO Recruiting:
By using RHINO Recruiting’s payroll services, in addition to reducing your tax, benefits and other misclassification liabilities, you will also benefit from:

    -  Consolidated billing -- Receive one invoice for all contractors
    -  Reduces the clients’ need for a large internal payroll and human resource staff
    -  Employment eligibility verification
    -  Background check including credit, criminal and DMV (upon request)
    -  Excellent subsidized Group Insurance and 401K Plan for contract employees which will reduce turnover
      of staff
    -  We are nice to deal with! :)

Full-time Placement
RHINO Recruiting provides qualified candidates for full-time positions. We assist in the entire hiring process and work hard to make sure there is a good match in all areas: professional, technical, personal and financial. RHINO Recruiting recruits, interviews and performs reference checks on candidates presented to clients. Our rates are very competitive and are also negotiable, depending on volume.

Contract with Option to Hire
Contractors may be converted to permanent full-time employees of our clients at any time. This allows clients to bring in someone on a contract basis to see if they are a good fit for the position prior to offering them a permanent, full-time position. There is a fee for the conversion, based upon the length of time a contractor has been at a client’s site. There is no fee after six months of continuous contract placement.