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3065Technical Support Representative Canoga Park9/4/2019

Must be able to write Windows command and Unix shell scripts.

About Our Company

We are an enterprise software company, and we develop and sell a Windows‐ and Unix‐based software package that lets our customers monitor and manage enterprise database systems such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and SAP/Sybase databases.

Our products are in use at many of the largest companies in the world, to help manage their mission‐ critical database systems (sometimes hundreds of database servers in one or multiple locations).
Our customers are usually medium‐ to large‐sized companies (typically Fortune 500 companies). Most of our end users are database administrators (DBAs) and database software developers. We don’t sell to the general public who may or may not know anything about computers—our customers are generally very smart and technically knowledgeable.

About the Position

This job position is for telephone‐ and web‐based technical support of our end users.
Our support representatives have to be very technical in several areas – primarily Windows and Unix operating systems, database servers and networking.

To do this job well, you must learn a fair amount about database administration and internals, so that you can help customers solve their database performance problems and educate them on how to best use our software to monitor and tune their database servers.

Our technical support people need to have a great attitude and enjoy working with customers over the phone, via email and through on‐line web support sessions.
For this position, we require strong, clear and precise English technical writing skills. You must be able to compose and proofread your own emails, notes and documentation without grammatical errors, spelling mistakes or wrong punctuation.

The job also requires good spoken English skills. Some of our customers are non‐native English speakers, so you must be able to listen and communicate effectively with them.
Specific job duties are listed below:
 Handle phone and email requests for technical support on our software products
 Prioritize and solve customer issues as they come in, to achieve maximum customer satisfaction
 Log and track customer problems using our CRM system to ensure that important issues get
 Perform your own investigation and testing in order to find solutions to customer problems;
diagnose issues remotely with the customer via the web; interface with our software developers, research problems via our internal knowledge base, the Internet and other
resources, to find solutions that resolve customer issues
 Become proficient at installing and using our software to solve database performance problems
 Document problems and solutions you find, in our internal knowledge base, so a solution can be
reused the next time the same problem comes up
 Write and update FAQ documents for customers
 As part of learning and using our software, perform testing of new features and changes, and
write up bug reports for our development staff
 Optionally, configure new hardware for testing, install operating systems, database servers and
other software packages to use in testing our software

Qualifications and Experience Required

First and foremost, we look for people who are smart and detail‐oriented, and who learn fast. We will provide training as necessary in order to help you become an expert in the various areas we require, including database administration, performance tuning, problem diagnosis and documentation.

Here are the specific qualifications and experience that will contribute most to this position:

 We look for people with 3+ years of hands‐on work experience doing software end‐user support, and 5+ years in the computer industry, working with Windows and/or Unix/Linux systems, including basic scripting (Command Prompt, PowerShell and/or VBScript on Windows, and bash, sh, etc. on Unix/Linux)
 It is helpful if you have at least 1 year’s experience with a relational database system, such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL or a similar RDBMS.
 It is also helpful if you have experience in diagnosing networking/connectivity problems using standard TCP/IP tools such as ping, nslookup and telnet.
 We prefer candidates who have a B.S. or higher degree in Computer Science or a related discipline, or equivalent work experience.
 Your value to our company will be increased if you can travel occasionally (2 to 5 trips per year to some of our larger customers). Appropriate business attire and presentability are a must for our on‐site visits.
About the Work Environment

We are a small but very productive company. We maintain a quiet, focused work environment. We do not tolerate office politics or political players.

People generally stay with our company a long time – an average of 5 years or more.
We offer a low‐stress, casual workplace where you get to work with smart, talented people writing software that’s better than what companies 10 times our size can produce.
Working here, our support reps acquire a much deeper knowledge of networking, networked database servers and operating systems than they ever did at previous jobs. These are valuable skills that you can take anywhere and succeed.

Salary and Benefits
We pay our employees well, based on their expertise level and contributions to the company. Here are some more details on our benefits:
 Competent co‐workers
 Non‐political environment
 Competitive salary
 Stability ‐ we have been in business over 20 years
 Medical insurance (company pays 50%)
 Vision insurance (company pays 50%)
 Paid holidays ‐ 8 business days per year
 Paid vacation ‐ 10 business days per year
 Paid sick leave ‐ 5 business days per year
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